The Core of the Program

The focal point of the Yellow Belt program is to improve processes through the application of Lean Principles and Tools in a structured approach to identify root-cause(s) and to solve day-to-day operational problems.

The Purpose of a Yellow Belt

The role of a Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma performance improvement projects is the utilisation of Lean qualitative tools to analyse a process and to derive at solutions to improve flow and reduce Lean Waste using visual techniques.

Yellow Belts are responsible for conducting smaller process improvement projects in their area of responsibility, to re-engineer and streamline processes to improve process lead time and quality improvement. They may also be required to assist Green- or Black Belts with data collation or other project related tasks in company-wide continuous improvement deployments as well as to coach White Belt Teams.

Target Market

The Yellow Belt program is aimed at team leaders,  supervisors or junior managers.


  • Completion of 4-day classroom training course (100% attendance)

  • Complete a theoretical assessment (70% pass mark)

  • Execution of a practical project on an internal process, portraying application of the DMAIC methodology, process and financial impact.

Course Content