The Core of the Program

Green Belts should have an aptitude for financial and statistical analysis as they will be utilising analytical methods to analyse bottleneck or critical steps to optimise outputs.

The Purpose of a Green Belt

Green Belts are responsible for leading a Lean Six Sigma project, including data collection, in their area of responsibility. A Green Belt is therefore key to analysing and solving Quality related problems.

It is general practice that Green Belts remain in their current roles and split their duties between process improvement responsibilities and normal day-to-day tasks within their organisation.

Target Market

Mid to Senior Technical Resources or Middle Management.


  • Completion of 10-day classroom training course (100% attendance)

  • Access to a Notebook with Minitab Statistical Software

  • Complete a theoretical assessment (70% pass mark)

  • Execution of a practical project on an internal process, portraying application of the DMAIC methodology, statistical analysis techniques, process and financial impact.

Course Content