Lean Six Sigma

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you tried to solve a problem for a customer or in your workplace and you froze up since you did not know what to do or how to determine what went wrong?

This poses the question if you are equipped with a management approach and skills to efficiently solve problems. If not, a powerful methodology to use is Lean Six Sigma.

As Alsson is an internationally accredited Lean Six Sigma service provider, we offer the following training programs ― either custom-made to serve your specific organisational needs or on our public training platform.

Lean Six Sigma Programs

Utilising statistical analysis and experimental design to find optimum process operating limits

  • Senior technical teams
  • Projects across multiple functions with complex “black box” problems

Equipped to effect complex improvements and to develop prediction models for process outputs.


  • 20 – day training course
  • 4 – hour theoretical assessment
  • 6 – 8 months project completion

Utilising Lean principles and tools in a structured approach to improve flow and reduce Lean Waste

  • Junior management, supervisors and team leaders (or for awareness)
  • Projects in functional areas

Equipped to re-engineer and streamline processes to effect process lead time and quality improvements.


  • 4 – day training course
  • 1 – hour theoretical assessment
  • 2 – 4 months project completion

Utilizing statistical analysis to focus on optimization of bottleneck or critical steps



  • Middle management and technical teams
  • Projects internal to department

Equipped to effect process lead time and quality improvements by focusing on reduction of process variation.


  • 10 Day training course
  • 3 Hour theoretical assessment
  • 4 - 6 Months project completion

Utilising basic visual management tools to solve daily operational issues in small teams at the workplace

  • Front line staff in teams (e.g. operators, clerks, cashiers, drivers, etc.)
  • Projects in work areas of small teams

Equipped to do problem solving and root causes analysis in daily operational or support processes

  • 2 – day training course
  • 30 – minute theoretical assessment
  • 6 – 8 weeks project completion

Our experienced team of facilitators could assist your organisation to create a culture of continuous improvement by ensuring employees at different levels of the organisation are exposed to a standardised problem solving approach, optimised for each level.

Our approach to Lean Six Sigma deployments

  1. Assessment to identify the ‘pain points’ in your business

  2. Various levels of training as per the need(s) identified in your business.

  3. Application of methodology in real business problems with continuous coaching and mentoring.

  4. Project management support to ensure implementation of suggested recommendations to realize improvements in your business.

Training Interventions

Potential Benefits of Deploying such a Management Approach are: