Strategy and Business Planning

You may be familiar with the quote ‘the same old thinking will lead to the same old results. If this is the case in your business, it is time for change.

Whether your business experiences rapid growth or if there is a need for a change in strategic direction or changes in your business plan, Alsson’s experienced team offers various solutions which could assist with such transformational processes.

To cater for the strategic needs of your business, Alsson offers the following services:

  • Facilitate Strategic Planning Sessions  

  • Develop Organisational Strategies

  • Business Plan Development

  • Feasibility and Viability Studies

  • Performance Management Systems

  • Development of Policies and Procedures

  • Benchmarking Studies

  • Market Analyses and Marketing Strategies

  • Project Management Lifecycle Models

  • Financial Modelling inclusive of Financial Projections

  • Value Chain Analysis